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Most men when in the opportunity may wish to increase how big their penis. If you accomplish a search on "penile enlargement", you can find thousands of websites claiming they can improve your penis size. You probably would have received spam mails about this subject as well, haven't you? This just merely means that you will find there's huge need for penile size improvement products.

So does how big is a man's penis really matters to women? Well, according to a recent report, penis size sometimes matters, and sometimes it doesn't. Why, because every woman have their own individual psychological and physical preferences in terms of their own sexuality xtrasize.

In a similar report, a survey of 556 women with ages from 19 to 49 was asked whether penis length and girth matters for them. The findings were as follows:-

a) 18% of these said that penis length was extremely important.

b) 22% with the women said penis girth was crucial.

c) 57% of which said penis length was somewhat important.

d) 53% declared that penis girth was only somewhat important.

e) 25% said penis length had not been important.

f) 25% said penis girth was not important in any respect.

However, a flaw on this study was which it did not specify what the optimal size must be. As such, ladies who felt that penis size mattered very much may have different thoughts about just what the ideal penis size is for them. However, this study is still a sign of what women think of penis size in order to have satisfying sexual encounters.

In another study, researchers had women read erotic literatures and inspired to rate them for the eroticism of the passages. The only thing that's changed inside the literatures was the sizes of the penises mentioned therein. Although some from the women did affirm that larger penises are more erotic, the differences weren't significant enough being empirical. Thus this study seemed to indicate that at least within the world of erotic fantasy, penile size will not be an important factor to many women.

However, things seem being very different with men. Somehow, many men have a common preoccupation using penis size and they are worried about how big their penis on occasion. Here are some facts to verify that.

a) Numerous studies have shown that most men underestimate how big their own penis and overestimate what is the average penis size.

b) An online survey of approximately 50,000 people of both sexes found that while 85% of females were satisfied making use of their sexual partners' penile size, only 55% in the guys were satisfied with their particular size. Isn't this bewildering?

c) Cosmetic surgeons have reported that most men who seek penis enlargement surgeries do actually have penises of average size range despite their unique beliefs they had unusually small dicks.

So why are men more preoccupied making use of their penile size than women? Is it deficiencies in self-esteem or perhaps it the notion that men with bigger penises will be more macho in their maleness?

So does the size of your penis really matters to you? If it does not bother your woman, why must it be bothering you? Is it simply your individual psychological perception? Think about that.Article Source: Chew is a sought after fitness consultant who counts models, actors and also other celebrities as his clients. Read his free articles at Bigger Penis Enlargement Exercises and Testosterone Sexual Enhancement

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